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Welcome to the SPCA of Petersburg & Colonial Heights

Welcome to the website of the SPCA of Petersburg & Colonial Heights. We are located at 104 Pickwick Avenue, Colonial Heights, VA. 23834. Our phone number is 804-526-7722. Please call us if you would like information on spay/neuter assistance or if you have any questions about animal cruelty or would like to volunteer. Our office hours are 9-12:30 PM Monday thru Friday.




Our goal is "to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the two cities and adjoining areas," according to the by-laws of the SPCA of Petersburg and Colonial Heights, VA. In order to do this, we:

* provide a place for people to report suspected cruelty or need for intervention. We follow up on reports of cruelty or distress by working with city or county police. We address other measures, such as the need for new laws, affecting the welfare of all animals.

* provide low-cost spay and neuter assistance in cooperation with area veterinarians to prevent a surplus of animals that would otherwise be destroyed.

* provide medical assistance for treatment of ill or injured animals where suffering or death would occur, on a case-by-case basis.

* participate in activities to find homes for adoptable shelter animals and work with other organizations toward that common goal.

* provide trap rental and instruction to aid individuals in the trapping of feral or stray cats for the purpose of spaying and neutering or transporting to the animal shelter as needed.

* provide activities and information to schools, clubs, and the general public to address compassion for all living creatures, advise youth on animal overpopulation and other concerns, and alert the community to issues of animal cruelty, overpopulation, and SPCA services available.

* participate with Colonial Heights in the Safe Pet program, a new effort to remove family pets from abusive households until they can be safe from threats of domestic violence.


Spay/Neuter Information

Neutering is the most common sterilizing method in animals. In the USA, most humane societies, animal shelters, and rescue groups urge pet owners to have their pets "spayed or neutered" to prevent the births of unwanted litters, contributing to the overpopulation of animals.

If you wish to request for spay/neuter assistance click on the link for a printable form: Spay/Neuter Assistance Request Form

Animal Cruelty

Please call us if you would like information on if you have any questions about animal cruelty at 804-526-7722.

Cruelty to animals refers to treatment or standards of care that cause unwarranted or unnecessary suffering or harm to animals. Cases in which cruelty to animals is due to a deliberate wish to be cruel (as opposed to neglect), are known as zoosadism, and have been repeatedly linked via research with abuse and cruelty to people.


SPCA of Petersburg and Colonial Heights, VA
Since 1911
Speaking for those who can't speak for themselves

In the winter of 1911 a group of concerned Petersburg residents met to establish an SPCA. Those first officers and board members included James M. Quicke, Jr.; W.W. Warren; Dr. W.C. Taylor; Miss May Claiborne; Samuel D. Rodgers; Mrs. R.T. Matteson; Miss Julia Sully; Mrs. L.A. Rosenstock; Dennie Perkinson; and Sidney Fisher.

The SPCA reorganized in 1939, when an editorial in the Progress-Index commented: "They will find a great deal of work waiting to be done." New officers then were D'Arcy Roper, William Earle White, Mrs. Peter Covington, Philip Freeman, Annie Mann, and Miss Mary A. Gilliam. F.M. Fenderson, Petersburg game warden, became the SPCA's part-time agent.

The SPCA has always been an all-volunteer organization, and all volunteers have a story to tell about how they became aware of the plight of animals. For Martha Churn, past president and now vice-chair of the board of directors, it was going to the animal shelter as a child and finding two puppies that had fallen into a water bowl and frozen.

The Petersburg SPCA later expanded to cover not only Colonial Heights, but the surrounding counties as well. Today volunteers working out of the Colonial Heights office work with all animal control units in the area to see that reports of cruelty, neglect, or abuse are investigated. They grant funds for medical assistance where an animal's life can be saved and, in cooperation with area veterinarians, offer a minimal-cost spay and neuter program for any pet owner who requests assistance.

The tragedy of unwanted pets continues, however, and spay and neuter education and assistance will be high on the SPCA's list of priorities until there are no surplus pets that have to be killed because there are no homes for them.

We've come a long way since 1951, when the city code of Petersburg said that any dog with rabies should be killed immediately by its owner. In 1952 a series of articles in the Progress-Index, along with efforts by the SPCA, resulted in improvements to the city pound. A new shelter was finally built in 1976-7. In 1977-8 we began to work with Colonial Heights to replace their shelter. Efforts to improve all facilities for animals continue, with a recent donation to Dinwiddie County Shelter for needed equipment.

From a small group of dedicated individuals, the SPCA has grown to an area-wide presence with a staff of volunteers who respond to more than 500 calls per month in the office from people needing information or assistance.

Our funding for all these services comes primarily from people like you who become SPCA members. Won't you join us?


The Petersburg-Colonial Heights SPCA invites you to help in our efforts to promote humane treatment and prevention of animal suffering. You can volunteer or become a member. We have several different types of memberships. Click on the link for a membership form and more information: Membership Application.

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SPCA of Petersburg & Colonial Heights
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Phone: 804-526-7722
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